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What are the benefits of enrolling in the Program?

This program is available at no cost to the dealership or the vehicle buyer. Your SiriusXM equipped pre-owned vehicle come with a 180-day Dealer Demo Service while on the lot. This allows customers to experience SiriusXM on their test drives. Your pre-owned vehicle customers can transition seamlessly from a Dealer Demo Service to a complimentary 3-month Customer Trial of the Sirius or XM Select + package. This will add value to your business as you will have the ability to offer free satellite radio to your customers, leaving them more satisfied with their pre-owned vehicle purchase.

How do I enroll in the Program?

All you need to do is complete and return the provided Enrollment Authorization Form. The fax instructions are provided right on the form. For any questions regarding how to complete enrollment, please contact your SiriusXM District Sales Manager (DSM). Contact information for the DSM designated to your Dealership can be found at the end of this sheet.

Is there a deadline to enroll in the Program?

There is no enrollment deadline. You may choose to enroll at a later date but the sooner you enroll, the sooner your customers can begin to benefit from the 120 channels offered during their complimentary trial.

How will SiriusXM know which vehicles and customers are eligible for this Program?

By opting into this Program, you will be authorizing SiriusXM to extract the required data from your Dealer Management System. That data will be used to activate Dealer Demo Service for your vehicle inventory, automatically start your customers’ complimentary trials and to contact them with programming and subscription options.

How do I know my customer information is safe and treated appropriately by SiriusXM?

SiriusXM will not sell or share your customer’s data without your expressed written consent, other than those SiriusXM contractors used to provide the program to dealers and to provide the trial service to consumers.

When can I begin activating the Dealer Demo Service?

SiriusXM will notify you once the program is live and your dealership has been activated. There may be a slight delay (up to a few weeks) from the time you enroll to the moment your dealership is active, as it will take some time to set up the data process and to ship Activation Kits to your dealership.

Once I opt-in to the Program, when will my customers start automatically receiving their 3-month trial?

Once your DSM confirms program launch, it will take anywhere from 7-10 days before your customers are included in the automated process. Going forward, your customers should be automatically activated on the consumer trial once sold record information is received. We recommend that you verify that the Dealer Demo Service is active prior to the vehicle sale, so the customer has their Sirius or XM audio package active from the time of delivery. As an added benefit of opting in to this program, your prior customers, dating back as far as 6 months prior to program launch date may be eligible to receive the 3-month trial from SiriusXM. The only customers not eligible will be those currently on a trial or a paid subscription. Notification of trial activation to these customers will arrive through the mail.

What if I change my mind later and want to opt-out so that my customers no longer automatically receive a complimentary trial?

If you want to opt-out of the program, simply send a written request to SiriusXM Canada, Automotive Remarketing, 135 Liberty St., 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M6K 1A7 and request to be removed from the program. Upon receipt of this written request, it will take approximately 30 days for the request to take effect.

How long are the Pre-Owned Dealer Demo and Customer Trial periods?

At program launch, the Dealer Demo Service will run for 180 days and the Customer Trial will run for 3 months. SiriusXM reserves the right to change the time period at any time with reasonable notice.

How can I order additional SiriusXM brochures or point of sale materials to promote the 3-month trial for previously owned vehicles?

We encourage you to use SiriusXM point-of-sale materials whenever possible to maximize your sales efforts. Please contact your SiriusXM DSM to request additional point-of-sale materials.

How does my customer receive a Sirius or XM All Access plan?

Every customer receives a Sirius or XM Select + plan trial. At any point during the trial, or after, the customer can purchase their Sirius or XM All Access to experience the best in audio entertainment.

How do I start the Demo Service?

Make sure to resend a SiriusXM signal for the service to begin. You can start resending the signal 48-hours after SiriusXM’s receipt of an inventory record. SiriusXM typically receives an inventory record one day following your notice of that inventory record in your DMS.

Resend the Signal with the SiriusXM Dealer Tool App
  1. Download the SiriusXM Dealer Tool App from iTunes or Google Play stores.
  2. Park the vehicle outside with an unobstructed view of the sky and make sure SiriusXM is turned on.
  3. Choose “Scan VIN,” scan the VIN barcode, then press “Send Satellite Signal Request.” You can also manually enter the Radio ID/ESN.

Resend a Signal Online
  1. Park the vehicle outside with an unobstructed view of the sky and make sure SiriusXM is turned on.
  2. Locate the Sirius Radio ID/ESN (12-digit numeric) or XM Radio ID (8-digit alphanumeric). Note that the following letters are not used: I, O, S, and F.
  3. Enter your Radio ID/ESN on your computer or smartphone at: siriusxm.ca/resendUpon completion, an activation signal will be sent to the vehicle. It may take a few minutes before the signal is processed and sent to the vehicle.

Will extensions be available on Dealer Demo Service?

Dealers will also be eligible for a limited number of extensions to the introductory Dealer Demo Service once the initial 180 days expire. Extensions can be activated by contacting your SiriusXM DSM.